On 31 January 2015, the Democratic Party of Georgia held new leadership elections. The MCDP welcomes the results and gives our support to our new and re-elected statewide party leadership:

  • DuBose Porter, Chair (re-elected)
  • Nikema Williams, 1st Vice-Chair (re-elected)
  • Pedro “Pete” Marin, Vice-Chair for Constituency groups (unopposed)
  • Ted Terry, Vice-Chair for Candidate Recruitment (newly elected)
  • Sarah Todd, Vice-Chair for Congressional Districts and County Parties
  • Stephanie Woods Miller, Secretary (newly-elected)
  • Kip Carr, Treasurer (newly elected)

We will work with this new leadership team to achieve a Democratic and progressive mandate at the polls in 2015 and 2016.

On 21 February at 1:00 pm, MCDP will hold a special meeting at the Mildred Terry Library (at 640 Veterans Parkway, Columbus) to elect five members from the MCDP to the DPG State Committee. These officers and delegates will represent the MCDP in the State Committee from their election until early 2017. We ask ALL Democrats who plan to be involved in a progressive future in Georgia to attend this election. Please join us!

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