At the MCDP Special Meeting held on 21 February 2015 at the Mildred Terry Library, Post Committee elections were held for new DPG State Committee Members to represent the MCDP at the state level. The following were elected by the MCDP Post Committee:IMG_20150221_141501

  • William Viruet – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Ella Lewis – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Juanita Booker – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • State Rep. Carolyn Hugley – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Dominick Perkins – State Committee Delegate (Elected), Chair of the Muscogee Young Democrats

We’d like to thank all those who offered their candidacy as delegates, and we encourage the elected State Committee Members to represent the voices of Muscogee Democrats at the state level of the Democratic Party of Georgia to the best of their ability. Thank you all!