Our party wishes to thank everyone who volunteered or worked in canvassing, phone banking, mass-texting, voter carpool, technical operations and office management for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Jim Barksdale, Donna Tompkins and Ann Hardman this year. While we clearly did not receive many of the most important results for which we hoped, and while the fight for a better government for all people has likely gotten harder across the nation, we are resolved to remain in that fight, to cherish our victories and to build upon our progressions.

Let us not pass over our local victories. In addition to our incumbent Democratic delegation who all retained their seats in the General Assembly, we congratulate our candidate Ann Hardman on her hard-fought win for Superior Court Clerk, and we also congratulate and continue to lend our support to our candidate Donna Tompkins on advancing to a December 6 runoff for Sheriff.

Let us celebrate our statewide victories as a party. We are glad for the state’s resounding rejection of Amendment 1, the so-called “Opportunity School District” amendment advocated by our Republican governor which we formally opposed. We also congratulate all Democrats who won in the General Assembly, including District 43’s new State Senator Tonya Anderson as well as House District 101’s new State Representative Sam Park and HD 138’s new Representative Bill McGowan. We did not lose our share of seats in the State House, and we increased our presence in the State Senate. 

And let us celebrate our gains nationally. The Democrats gained 7 seats in the House and 2 seats in the Senate, and Rep. Sanford Bishop of House District 2 kept his seat in Congress. 

But let us also recognize where we must improve as well. We congratulate our candidate Ben Anderson on his contest for Senate District 29, our candidate Angela Pendley on her contest for U.S. House District 3, and our candidate for U.S. Senator Jim Barksdale. We regret their losses, and we will learn from their examples in the future. 

We are also aware that more work needs to be done in Georgia’s government. We are disappointed in the passage of Amendment 3, which allows for partisan control over the appointment of justices to the State Supreme Court. Governor Deal has proceeded to appoint several new members to this court who all share regressive, illiberal stances on issues which matter to liberals and progressives in this state, especially on civil rights for LGBT people. Our party will continue to fight for fairness in our state’s judiciary. 

It cannot be understated that we have lost a historic presidential election and a stellar candidacy in Hillary Clinton, and that the glass ceiling for women in politics remains to be shattered, but as the popular vote is showing, we now know that our country is more ready than ever for a woman to lead and represent our country before the world. Tens of millions across this country, and tens of thousands across this county, endorsed this vision, and we cannot thank enough the majority of our county who voted for her on November 8, 2016.

Our party remains a home for liberals and progressives in Columbus and Muscogee County. Our party remains a platform for all who believe in a better, more inclusive, more just, more sustainable society for us all. We will announce future meetings of this party on this website and on our social media outlets.

But if you are worried for your life after this election, CALL 1-800-273-8255. We support your life, and this election is not the end.

Please message us on our Facebook page for any concerns regarding our party’s operations, or use our website’s contact page: https://muscogeecountydems.org/contact.