Muscogee County Democratic Committee (MCDC)

Post Committee Meeting Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 6:09 by Laura Walker, MCDC Committee Chairwoman. Ms. Walker welcomed the post members and explained the purpose of the meeting (see agenda). Members of the Executive Board in attendance were introduced; Darien Torbert, 1st Vice Chair; Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary; Pam Parker, Recording Secretary; and Deborah Davis, Parliamentarian.

Attendance and Roll Call:

Ms. Walker called roll. There were 29 Post members present. 16 Post Members were excused (Gayle Daniels, Charrise Woolridge, David Smith, Vivian Bishop, Linda Parker, Patricia Lassiter, Gloria Tyson, Adam Drucker, John Land, Doug McLeod, Adrian Chester, Saundra Ellison, Karen Huntspon, Marjorie Jackson, Teddy Reese, and Illene Kent). 7 Post members did not notify the Chair with a reason for being absent.

Ms. Walker asked the group if they would like a card sent on behalf of the MCDC to Karen Huntspon whose father passed away. All in attendance were in favor of doing so.

Ms. Walker reviewed the reason for calling roll and asking for excuses of Post members who cannot attend the meeting. The By-Laws state that Post Members should attend Post Committee meetings and submit excuses if they cannot attend. According to Ms. Walker the by-laws state that a Post member can be removed from their post if they have two or more unexcused absences in a calendar year. The chair additionally stated that, a Post member who misses two or more Post Committee meetings without providing an explanation must be notified and given an opportunity to come before the MCDC and explain the reasons for their absence.

Minutes from the State Committee Election 2/27/2016

Draft minutes were given to the group as well as the opportunity to review them. Ms. Walker asked if there were any additions or corrections to the draft copy. Since no corrections were indicated, Claudia Mueller made a motion that the minutes be accepted as presented, Chris Parker provided the 2nd. The minutes were approved unanimously. In the future, minutes will be distributed to the group via e-mail prior to the meeting. Printed copies will be available at the next meeting for those who do not use e-mail. When the group re-convenes the minutes will be reviewed and approved.


Ms. Walker indicated that MCDC member and former State Delegate Ella Lewis submitted a statement to be read to the group. In the prepared statement, Mrs. Lewis expressed her sincerest thanks for the opportunity to serve as a state delegate. Post member Mrs. Booker asked that the group rise and give Ms. Lewis a round of thanks.

Action Items:

1. Tornado Relief – Ms. Walker asked the group if they would like to reach out to those affected by the recent tornado. All stated that they would like to support relief efforts. Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary, has a contact for Georgia relief. Dominic Perkins has a friend who is a Pastor of a church in Talbotton. Both agreed to reach out to these individuals with offers of assistance from the MCDC. Ms. Walker will publish efforts and information on the MCDC web site, Facebook page, and MCDC distribution e-mail list.

Having determined that this would be an action item by the MCDC, Pat Hughley-Green made the motion “For the MCDC to collect individual donations and present them as a group for the tornado relief efforts on going.” Post member Walter Nesbitt provided the 2nd. The group voted unanimously to approve.

2. Calendar – The meeting calendar discussed with the group. There will be three types of meetings, Post committee meetings, Special event meetings and Executive Board Meetings. Post meetings and Special event meetings will occur on alternate months Post committee meetings will be mandatory for all Post members. Dates for all three types of meetings were provided in the agenda. Ms. Walker will post the dates of the meetings on the MCDC web site, Facebook page and e-mail distribution list. Post committee and special event meetings will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month except for the April special event meeting which will be held on the 1st Tuesday in April. Executive board meetings will be held two weeks prior to Post Committee meetings. There was discussion about meeting locations. The offer of Revelation Missionary Baptist Church as a meeting place was discussed. Ms. Walker stated that the Main Library, Macon Road, has been reserved through May and she will keep the library as our primary meeting place. She would like to reserve the church for Special Events where we may more space and/or if the Library is not available as a meeting space. Ms. Walker will be in charge of booking the Library for the time being and locations will be listed as TBD on the published calendar because of library reservation rules (90 day time period). Post member Dominic Perkins suggested Iron Bank Coffee as a potential meeting place for the Executive Board meetings.

Walter Nesbitt made the motion that we approve the dates as presented. Aslean Florence provided the 2nd. There were no questions or discussion. The vote was unanimous, and the calendar was approved.

3. Subcommittees – Ms. Walker discussed narrowing the focus of our subcommittees to reduce duplication of effort between committees. She read a list of revised subcommittee titles, which are as follows: By-Laws Revision, Financial and Strategic Planning, Events and Education (formally Planning), Membership and Outreach, Communications, Affirmative Action, Campaign and Candidate Support. She stated that the Executive board decided these subcommittees reflect more of how they would like to move the party in the coming year. The Executive Board’s main goals are to be more visible in the community and to recruit and mentor good Democrats to run for office. Darien Torbert would like to see the focus of the MCDC to be more outward facing. Ms. Walker did not prepare a written definition of subcommittee descriptions prior to the meeting. She will send out committee responsibilities via e-mail and asks that subcommittee leaders and volunteers agree to a 12-month commitment.

There was general discussion among the Post Committee members about the various changes to the subcommittees. Post member Claudya Muller suggested all discussion be tabled until the Post Committee sees the descriptions and has any additional information from the Chair.

Pat Hugley-Green made the motion “To accept the sub committees as presented.” Tonza Thomas provided the 2nd. There were no questions or discussion. The vote was called, and the post voted unanimously to approve.

4. Fees – Ms. Walker discussed membership fees. She asked the group to consider whether or not membership should be free and if we want to engage in activities to raise money (t-shirts, car clings, luncheons with fees, etc) or if we should rely on membership fees only. There was some discussion that membership may be more invested if you make the suggested donation when filling out your registration. Ms. Walker discussed the ACT Blue platform suggested by Post Member Harry Underwood. ACT Blue would make it easier for members to sign up, for the committee to get member contact information, and for members to make monetary donations to the committee. There was a discussion among the committee about a tiered membership program, for example, a suggested donation of $20 for most members and a reduced fee of $10 for students. The group felt that even if we have a membership donation program we should still engage in some fundraising activities. It was noted that ACT Blue does charge a 3% fee for handling the money, but all remaining money is deposited directly into the activity’s bank account.

Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, Post member Harry Underwood called for a motion about ACT Blue. He asked the committee to “Move to adopt ACT Blue as a means of fundraising.” Pat Hugley-Green provided the 2nd. There was no discussion. The motion passed unanimously.


The Chair presented a brief orientation to Post holders about their duties and responsibilities. She also discussed VoteBuilder uses including; canvassing, phone banking, and leaving flyers.


Post member Dominic Perkins, informed the committee that he was elected by the Georgia Democratic Party Committee to Chair the Affirmative Action committee.

Pat Hugley-Green informed the committee that the vote today in the Georgia Senate for tax payer funded vouchers for private schools failed. She encouraged the group to contact our Senators.

A motion was made by Pat Hugley-Green to adjourn. Darien Torbert provided the 2nd. The vote was unanimous. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.