Muscogee County Democratic Committee

Post Committee Minutes: Draft

Date: July 14, 2020

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Laura Walker (1), Committee chair at 7:10 P.M. With only 15 Post Committee members in attendance, a quorum could not be declared therefore no official business could be conducted. Mrs. Walker began the meeting with a series of announcements.

Chair’s Notes: Mrs. Walker thanked everyone who helped Muscogee County Board of Elections and the MCDC during the June 9 election. She specifically pointed out the following activities:

  • The MCDC Texting team who reached out the voters with election information.
  • All of the DPG Voter Protection people who included: Voter Protection County Coordinator and Legal Liaison, our Poll Watchers, Absentee ballot Review Panel member, and our Line warmers. She also thanked our Post Members who ran for office and are running in November.

Attendance: According to attendance collected at 7:25 a quorum was reached. In attendance were the following Post Members:

  • Post 1: Gayle Daniels, Laura Walker, Charrise Woolridge, Pat Green
  • Post 2: Tammy Bailey, Deborah Davis, Pam Parker
  • Post 3: Mattie Hall, Linda Parker, Tonza Thomas
  • Post 4: Patricia Lassiter, Gloria Tyson
  • Post 5: Ruth Carpenter, Deborah Lowery, Bill Edwards
  • Post 6: Ralph Jones
  • Post 7: Mary Garcia
  • Post 8: Judy Brouillette
  • Post 9: Marjorie Jackson
  • Post 10: Val Almonord, Tom McDaniel, Rick Parker, Dominick Perkins, Ilene Kent, Nick Rulon

The following Post Committee Members were excused: Ella Lewis, Juanita Booker, Aslean Florence, Reggie Thompson, Adam Drucker, Edna Foster, and Adrian Chester

There were 9 MCDC members and visitors at the meeting: Sharese Beasley, Sharon Kuechenmeister, Akear Mewborn, Brandon Wilkins, Mark Akpaninyie, Mary Anne Plaskon, Myra Josefberg and Stephen Galloway. Also, in attendance was our Guest Speaker, Hillary Holley

Reading/approval of minutes – Pam Parker (2), Recording Secretary, did not take minutes at the last Post Committee meeting, May 12, 2020 because there was no quorum present. Minutes from the March Post Committee meeting were e-mailed to the Post Committee members and were approved electronically via e-mail.

Treasurer’s Report: Marjorie Jackson (9), Treasurer, provided a copy of the Treasure’s report to Mrs. Walker who informed the Post that she would send it via e-mail for all to review. She will call for an electronic vote once everyone has had time to review the report. The report was sent out on July 14, 2020. 18 Post Members voted electronically to approve the Treasurer’s report, no votes in opposition were received. One correction was made to the report; an expenditure was reported on the wrong line. Additional information was provided with respect to t-shirt sales at the True Blue Breakfast.

New Business:

  • Bylaws Update: Rick Parker (10), By-Laws Chairperson, reported that enough Post Members voted to approve the draft By-Laws as of June 24, 2020. The work of the committee has concluded.
  • COVID response: Mrs. Walker indicated that the MCDC will continue to monitor the rising infection rates and has decided that the Post will not meet in person for the time being. The Chattahoochee Valley Library has opened their meeting rooms but she does not feel it to be safe enough to meet in person.
  • Post Seat Holder elections for even numbered posts: Mrs. Walker explained that the Executive Board decided to postpone the elections for the time being. The DPG is allowing county committees to determine how they want to conduct the elections for Post Members and a new slate of officers. The Executive Board had many questions about the vetting process for candidate for Post seats, how Posts could caucus together and how a vote would be taken. The qualifications from the DPG By-Laws to certify to run cannot be adhered to in the virtual meetings we are holding during the COVID pandemic. Mrs. Walker asked the following questions to the DPG:

Can we wait until after the November election and do one big election? Can we forgo the elector signatures for the affidavits and do the elections electronically?

She has not received any response from DPG leadership because they are overwhelmed right now with hiring for the national election.

  • Upcoming Campaign Info:
    • Charisse Woolridge (1), Organizer for the West Georgia area, has many things planned to help us get mobilized for the general in November including virtual events, phone banking and trainings. She will hold a Meet and Greet with local organizers on Wednesday, July 15 @6:30 via Zoom.
    • Patricia Lassiter (4), DPG’s Legislative Victory Fund Director, informed the Post that the DPG is working on getting people to the polls. There is a huge campaign aimed at flipping the state house with 16 GOP seats believed to be vulnerable being targeted. She has the list of candidates that we can support. The DPG will host a meet and greet for Bob Trammel on Thursday, July 16. Patricia told everyone that there is an opportunity to do something single day on the DPG website. She encouraged everyone to get involved, we need to win back the state now more than ever.
    • Mrs. Walker encouraged everyone to volunteer for our local candidates running. Carl Sprayberry, Georgia House District 134, and Val Almonord, running for House of Representative in Ga03. Dr. Almonord (10) reached out to the post members in attendance at the meeting and encouraged them to volunteer.

Guest Speaker: Hillary Holley, Fair Fight Action

Hillary Holley Organizing Director for Fair Fight and Fair Fight Action Stacey Abrams’ voter protection non-profit gave a brief talk about the organization’s work to protect voting rights across the county as well as here in Georgia.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M by Mrs. Walker.