MCDC Post Committee Meeting

Draft Minutes

Date: September 8, 2020

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Laura Walker (1), Committee Chairperson. Attendance was taken by Pam Parker (2), Recording Secretary, as Post members joined the Zoom meeting. A quorum was declared as 26 of 49 Post Members were in attendance.

The following Post Members were in attendance:

  • Post 1: Pat Green, Laura Walker (Committee Chairperson), Charrise Woolridge
  • Post 2: Tammy Bailey (Corresponding Secretary), Pam Parker (Recording Secretary), David Smith
  • Post 3: Linda Parker, Tonza Thomas (1st Vice Chair), Vivian Bishop
  • Post 4: Patricia Lassiter, Reginald Thompson
  • Post 5: Ruth Carpenter, Adam Drucker, Deborah Lowry and Bill Edwards
  • Post 6:
  • Post 7: Mary Garcia
  • Post 8: Judy Brouillette, Walter Nesbitt, Doug McLeod
  • Post 9: Adrian Chester, Saundra Ellison (2cnd Vice Chair), Marjorie Jackson (Treasurer), Teddy Reese, Toyia Tucker
  • Post 10: Ilene Kent, Tom McDaniel, Rick Parker

The following Post Members indicated to the Chair that they would not be able to attend prior to the meeting: Ella Lewis, Mattie Hall, Juanita Booker, Edna Foster, Royal Anderson, Val Almonord, Dominick Perkins.

There were 3 visitors at the meeting: Akear Mewborn, Edwin Educame, and Vickie Stafford.

Reading/approval of minutes: Minutes from the July 14 Post Committee meeting were either e-mailed or sent via USPS to Post Committee members prior to the meeting. Walter Nesbitt (8) provided the motion to approve the minutes as written. The vote was unanimous. Mrs. Walker opened the floor for discussion. The minutes were approved as written without objection. Bill Edwards (5) provided a second.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Nesbitt (8) moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written. A second was provided by Mary Garcia (7). The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented. Our total bank balance as of August 10, 2020 was $17,758.55.

President’s Notes: Mrs. Walker thanked Post Committee members who decided not to run for re-election to their Post. She asked all to take a minute to reflect on the contributions of these Post Members.

Deborah Davis (2), Nick Rulon (10), Ralph Jones (6), Korie McDougal (6), Saundra Hunley (10), Ozia Scott (6), Tammy Bailey (2), Tom McDaniel (10) and Judy Brouillette (8).

New Business:

  • Post Committee Meeting for November: Laura Walker (1), Committee Chairperson, proposed moving our November 10 meeting to November 17 for the purpose of conducting an Executive Board officer election for the 2021 – 2023 Biennium. Mrs. Walker opened the floor for general discussion. Reason why we pushed it the week after the general election? Would be our normal Post committee election but anticipates being worn out after the general. Adrian Chester made the motion to move the meeting and Walter provided a second. The vote was unanimous.
  • Two Ad Hoc committees:
    • Officer Nominating Committee: Mrs. Walker would like to form an officer nominating committee to reach out to Post members to solicit nominations for all the positions on the Executive Board that will be vacant in 2021. She will send out an email to the Post asking for volunteers. She asks that current executive board members be available to answer questions about what their jobs looked like and/or to write a description to help guide a perspective candidate interested in running for the Executive Board.
    • Ad hoc committee is to recognize Juanita Booker and Ella Lewis. These ladies are not leaving their Post positions. Mrs. Walker would like the committee to consider possible options for recognizing their many years of service to the MCDC. Be on the lookout for an email from Mrs. Walker.
  • Recruiting Vote Review Panelists, Ballot Monitoring Volunteers: Pam and Rick Parker (10) are our Voter Protection Team. The DPG has asked Mrs. Walker (1) to recruit vote review panelist and will need names by September 25. She needs to recruit 4 volunteers to cover the 2 weeks absentee ballot will be processed. She described the vote review process to the Post Committee. Ballot Monitoring Volunteers are also needed. Mrs. Walker encouraged everyone to volunteer to help with voter protection. Rick Parker (10), Legal Liaison for DPG Voter Protection, discussed the need for Poll Watchers.
  • Billboards: Mrs. Parker, reported to the committee that she was unsuccessful finding an electronic billboard company who would consider allowing the MCDC to use their billboards for political purposes. She contacted 2 different companies, Outfront Media and Kelly Outdoor for information and pricing. Teddy Reese (9) used a company during his recent political campaign and did not have any difficulty procuring billboard space. Mrs. Parker indicated that since Mr. Reese had success with Outfront Media, he should be the one to contact them for Billboard space on behalf of the MCDC. If we cannot use the electronic billboards, we will figure out advertising alternatives.
  • Three group leaders needed: Mrs. Walker also needs physical help with Yard Sign Distribution. The Biden team has contacted Mrs. Walker to let her know that they are sending the MCDC yard signs. She would like to have a team to help with sign distribution. Also needed are people to put yard signs around town. Line warmers: We will probably have lines during November 3 and need folks to volunteer


  • Ed Tarver Meet and Greet, September 22 via Zoom. Mr. Tarver is running for the Senate seat currently held by the appointee Kelly Loeffler. Mrs. Walker will send out information about the meeting and a link for Zoom via e-mail.
  • Mrs. Walker encouraged everyone to keep an eye on their email account. She will be sending out all the campaign volunteer opportunities.
  • Pat Green (1), asked for clarification about the early voting locations specifically with respect to the Citizen’s Service Center. Mrs. Walker indicated that the Citizen Services Center will be an early voting location both weeks as well as the Trade Center downtown for one week.
  • David Smith (2) – Mr. Smith has been hired by the DPG to lead the Legislative Victory Fund in our area. The purpose of this group is to flip the state Legislature. He is specifically concentrating on Districts 138 and 151. If you are interested in volunteering with David’s team, message David during the current Zoom meeting or send him an email.

Adjournment: The business meeting was adjourned so that the Post could conduct a Post Committee Election for Post 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Each Post and their candidates moved into separate Zoom meetings. Post members from 1,3,5,7, and 9 served as moderators for the Post Elections and vote tabulators. Laura Walker (1), Committee Chairperson, received affidavits from all Post Members prior to the election.