FYI Challenged Voters:

Two voters remained on the list of challenged voters for Muscogee County.

One voter had a confirmation notice that she had moved out of the state in 2019. When completing her voter registration form for a challenged ballot, she provided an out-of-state mailing address. Board voted to remove the challenge and allow the ballot to be counted.

One voter was registered in Nevada and in Georgia. She cast a provisional ballot in Nevada for the November 3 General Election. She was issued a challenged ballot in Muscogee for the January 5, 2021 election and when contacted stated she was registered in two states and was not aware that she could not be registered in both. Voter was provided information for challenge hearing and did not submit additional information regarding which state she preferred for voter registration. Board voted to allow the challenge to remain and did not count the challenged

Provisional Ballots:
Board voted to accept 216 provisional ballots. Rejected others because voters were registered out of county, cancelled status, or felons.

Ballots in white envelopes:
29 ballots in white envelopes were placed in ballot collection drop boxes during absentee voting.
No identifiers on the ballots to allow for counting of those ballots.

38 ballots were cured using the signature cure affidavit form after election day.

63 military ballots were received after election day but postmarked January 5, 2021.

Lawsuit status:
Lawsuit is still pending against board and unless it is dismissed, attorneys will be required to defend. Hopefully, lawsuit will be dissolved. Otherwise, the Board’s attorney will have to answer because the lawsuit is still pending.

Linda Garrett Parker

  • Member of the Election and Registration Board; Representative of Muscogee County Democratic Committee
  • Former Elected School Board Member in Muscogee County, Georgia
  • Chair of Deaconess Ministry at Greater Peace Baptist Church
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated
  • 2019 Congressional Black Caucus Institute Bootcamp, Political Leadership Development Program Attendee in Washington, D.C.
  • Retired from the Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Proud Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother
  • Motto: If it’s broke, fix it.
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