The M.C.D.P. is one of the oldest, largest and “bluest” Democratic parties in the state of Georgia.  The founding members had the vision of joining with other like-minded Democrats to capture what they correctly saw was the dominant political view in the Chattahoochee Valley—bedrock Democratic principles of fairness, equality of opportunity and personhood, regardless of race, color, creed or gender.  We have grown to become the largest political organization in Columbus, Georgia.

We are governed by a District Post Committee composed of 29 Post-Holders from 8 Columbus Council districts and 2 at-large districts around the city.  The Post Committee meets at least one time per quarter (four times per year), and more often in election years.  From the Post is elected a Board, composed of the Chair, two Vice-Chairs, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, and the Treasurer.  Reflecting our principles, elections to both the Post and the Board make every effort to achieve gender and racial equality.  Elections for the Board and half the Post occur every two years.