Walter Nesbitt
W. NESBITT - 1st Vice Chair
F. WILLIAMS - 2nd Vice Chair
PAM PARKER - Recording Secretary


District 1

Co-Chair Charrise Woolridge
Co-Chair Laura Walker
Gayle Daniels
Pat Hugley-Green

District 2

Co-Chair Akear Mewborn
Co-Chair Edgar Champagne
David Smith

District 3

Co-Chair Vivian Bishop
Co-Chair Linda Parker
Shawn Gatewood
Tonza S. Thomas
Mattie Hall

District 4

Co-Chair Reginald Thompson
Co-Chair Patricia Lassiter
Juanita Booker
Aslean Florence
Toyia Tucker

District 5

Co-Chair Adam Drucker
Co-Chair Bill Edwards
Ruth Carpenter       

Deborah Lowery

District 6

Chair Edna Foster
Shameika Averett

District 7

Chair Mary Garcia
John Land
Murphy Pound
Royal Anderson

District 8

Chair Andrea Atkins
Doug McLeod
Walter Nesbitt

District 9

Adrian Chester
Saundra Ellison
Karen Huntspon
Marjorie Jackson
Teddy Reese

District 10

Val Almonord
Dominick Perkins
Ilene Kent
Brandon Wilkins
Gloria Tyson
Yvette Maxwell

What is the Post Committee?

Our Post Committee members are the central decision-making committee of the Muscogee County Democratic Committee. Duties of
the Post Committee are to:

 Promote development of Party organization and activities.
 Seek and encourage qualified candidates for public office.
 Support Democratic candidates.
 Perform election functions as required by law.
 Maintain appropriate records.
 Promote and add logistical support to the State Affirmative Action program.
 Raise funds for the above purposes.
 Perform other such duties as may be required by the State Committee.

Election to the Post Committee?

Election to the Post Committee
To become a Post Committee Member for the Democratic Party, you must be a registered voter who lives in the district you are trying
to represent, and you must consider yourself a Democrat. It is highly preferred that Post Committee Members vote in at least one of the
previous two Democratic Primaries prior to an election or appointment. You cannot be a Post Member if you are a registered
Republican! Elections to the Post Committee occur by the following:
 one half of the Post Committee representing even-numbered Post Positions are elected every Presidential Election year.
 the other half of the Post Committee representing odd-numbered Post Positions are elected every Gubernatorial Election year.
 and to fill vacant seats on the Post Committee.
Post Members are elected by incumbent members to four-year terms, but half of the Committee will be selected by the Executive
Committee to serve two-year terms following City Council reapportionment to realign with the Presidential/Gubernatorial election cycle.
Post Committee elections are held at a business meeting within 45 days after the General Primary.

Nomination to the Post Committee

If you are a Post Committee member and you would like to nominate someone to serve, complete the form below.