W. NESBITT - 1st Vice Chair
Shameika Averiett - Treasuer
Royal Anderson - 2nd Vice Chair
Shona Love - Recording Secretary


2023 Updated committees coming soon.

What is the Post Committee?

Our Post Committee members are the central decision-making committee of the Muscogee County Democratic Committee. Duties of
the Post Committee are to:

 Promote development of Party organization and activities.
 Seek and encourage qualified candidates for public office.
 Support Democratic candidates.
 Perform election functions as required by law.
 Maintain appropriate records.
 Promote and add logistical support to the State Affirmative Action program.
 Raise funds for the above purposes.
 Perform other such duties as may be required by the State Committee.

Election to the Post Committee?

Election to the Post Committee
To become a Post Committee Member for the Democratic Party, you must be a registered voter who lives in the district you are trying
to represent, and you must consider yourself a Democrat. It is highly preferred that Post Committee Members vote in at least one of the
previous two Democratic Primaries prior to an election or appointment. You cannot be a Post Member if you are a registered
Republican! Elections to the Post Committee occur by the following:
 one half of the Post Committee representing even-numbered Post Positions are elected every Presidential Election year.
 the other half of the Post Committee representing odd-numbered Post Positions are elected every Gubernatorial Election year.
 and to fill vacant seats on the Post Committee.
Post Members are elected by incumbent members to four-year terms, but half of the Committee will be selected by the Executive
Committee to serve two-year terms following City Council reapportionment to realign with the Presidential/Gubernatorial election cycle.
Post Committee elections are held at a business meeting within 45 days after the General Primary.

Nomination to the Post Committee

If you are a Post Committee member and you would like to nominate someone to serve, complete the form below.